Datafeed files

The data feed provides a downloadable geolocation database in the format of blocks with detailed information of each of the 9,512,854 records.

To get access to the Database files from the paths, you need to provide valid credentials. Username and password are equal to your personal API Key which you can obtain from the My Products page.

  • Base path:
  • Format in which each database with IPv4 only is named:
    "geoipify_%DATE%.jsonl.gz", e.g. "geoipify_2018_07_30.jsonl.gz".
  • Format in which each database with both IPv4 and IPv6 is named:
    "geoipify_%DATE%_v6.jsonl.gz", e.g. "geoipify_2018_07_30_v6.jsonl.gz".
  • File storage time: every file is available for 3 months since its creation date.
  • A new file is created: weekly on Wednesday.

Average file sizes

Current IPv4 database Current IPv6 database
gzip 99Mb 121Mb
unpacked 1.1Gb 1.3Gb
rows 7.3M 8.2M
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